Leaders For Tomorrow


A pre recorded version of our flagship parenting program: No Limit Child Program for all those parents who wish to make shift in their parenting journey. This course helps you to achieve same at your own pace and availability.

  • Language: English, Hindi
  • Instructors: Sushant Kalra
  • Validity Period: 365 days


Course Curriculum

  • Ep 1: Creating a Powerful Partnership : Course structure & Our Promises
  • Ep 2 : Your Role : Making Of Leader
  • Ep 3: The Unshakable Foundation : COMMUNICATION, CONNECTION, TRUST
  • Ep 4: Know the Leader : their world, their needs, their strengths
    Live conversation between a mom and daughter
  • Ep 5: Discover : Born to LEAD
    How to remove Labels from Children:
    What happens when you bring PARWARISH in your life
  • Ep 6: Taking Charge : Handover the reins
    Mid Program: Self Assessment
    Ep 7: Fun with Studies
  • Ep 8: Failure is WOW
  • Ep 9: SexEducation
    Ep 10: Stress and Anxiety
  • Epilogue