Saba’s Story – The Kolkata Chapter


My incredible journey of Parenting obviously started with the birth of my first child, the roller coaster ride had just begun and everything was happening or rather what we did as couple was completely Trial and error. We listened to the so called experienced holders around us, had our own experience and pre-conceived notions too and were basically trying out new strategies to see what worked for us and what didn’t. There was always the constant fear of being “right”. One thing I was so sure that the universe would not have created babies or made us parents to make our lives miserable, there had to be a missing puzzle piece which I was not able to find to complete the picture of “Joyful Parenting”.

This dilemma was solved only after I decided to give the No-Limit Child Program by Parwarish a chance way back in 2012 with Mr. Sushant Kalra as my parent coach, by then I was a mother of baby number 2 and by no means things were getting easier for me. And a new journey began…before there was learning, there was a lot of unlearning to be done and things did not change overnight but yes the outlook started to change completely, being convinced of the whole program I decided to get Parwarish to Kolkata.

It was not really the outside environment I was worried about, I wanted to do something extra for my children and wanted to be a better parent. I started training with Manvi – a core member of Parwarish and was doing workshops in various playschools in and around Kolkata and few hospitals and NGOs too. By 2017 we were ready to now launch our Kolkata center with our new office called The Happy Mommy Place. A dream come true moment, always wanted to create a space for mothers, kind of a resource center where they got all they needed under one roof from emotional support to physical endurance. But because we are officially the Parwarish address in Kolkata we welcome Dads too at our parenting programs. On 28th July 2017, we inaugurated our office in the presence of some eminent educationist of Kolkata and 29th July 2017 saw the Inaugural session led by Mr. Sushant Kalra being attended by more than 100 parents. A moment to cherish!!and all the failure and perseverance and heartbreaks and arguments all seem to evaporate and it felt that the story had just begun….

Indeed it had, now the Kolkata center of Parwarish sees a constant influx of parents and children attending our sessions, enrolling for the No-Limit child Program or coming in for counseling. Now me a certified Parent coach from Parwarish derive immense pleasure and gratification in helping people trying to cope with peer pressure, self-esteem issues, bullying, betting, failures, toddler tantrums to adolescent mood swing and questions on sexuality too. Every person who walks in has a story of their own, something they learn from us and something we learn from them and the journey continues. Very soon we intend to start the Enjoying studies program and that would help us to be able to directly work with children in a broader perspective too.

All I could say right now is a big Thank you team Parwarish for making me a part of the Parwarish movement and giving me a chance to live life worth living. Love every bit of our association and enjoy every bit of my work.
“feeling blessed…..”

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